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Recruitment & Selection



Recruitment & Selection

We assist companies in the process of Recruitment & Selection of professionals for the positions of middle and senior management, coordination and specialists.

To ensure the success of the selection process, we base our work on Competencies, aligned with business strategies. We plan the process of Recruitment & Selection carefully, aiming carefully the client’s demand and expectations.

We have a continuing concern with the institutional image of our client and the establishment of trust relationships with the candidates.


  • Identification of the business model.
  • Profile Survey.
  • Planning.
  • Recruitment.
  • Selection.
  • Report.
  • Evaluation and Monitoring.

Candidate’s Evaluation

For any candidate that the client needs an evaluation, we raise the profile of the candidate specified by the client, and the prepare an individual psychological and technical detailed report.


  • Identification of the business model.
  • Identification of the profile to be evaluated.
  • Definition of Technics.
  • Evaluation of the candidate.
  • Preparing the report.


Assessment is a tool that measures the abilities and skills of a professional in organizations, through the application of specific techniques.

Can be used for several purposes such as: projects talent retention, promotions, identification of development needs, among others.

Dedix develops the Assessment projects, from the most important competencies for the client's strategy, in addition to using methods and techniques appropriate to the organizational culture and environment.


  • Identification of the business model.
  • Understanding of the project’s goals.
  • Survey competencies.
  • Project planning.
  • Realization.
  • Preparation of assessments and report delivery.